Illustrated Talks


As mentioned on the 'News' pages, I am now available to give Illustrated Talks to Natural History/Conservation Societies, Bird Clubs & RSPB Local Groups, Gardening Clubs, National Trust & Wildlife Trust Local Groups, U3A & WI Groups and any other interested groups/organisations.

Speaker Organisers please note -
At any point in time I typically have between 30 and 40 talk bookings for up to 18 months ahead. So if you wish to book a talk please get in touch as early as possible, though I'm always happy to step in at short notice if another speaker has cancelled and subject to other commitments of course.

I am currently offering the following talks (with more in preparation):-

'Kingfishers - up close & personal' - This talk covers all aspects of the rather unique lifestyle of these beautiful but elusive birds.

It is based on my thousands of hours of close observations of Kingfishers over several years and is illustrated throughout with approximately 100 of my own photographs, some of which feature in the 'Kingfishers Gallery' on this website.

'Through the Year in a Nature Photographer's Garden' - This talk covers some of the flowers, plants, trees, birds, insects and other wildlife (including badgers, deer, foxes, grass snakes, etc) seen and photographed in our own garden throughout the seasons of the year.

It also features a section on the design and construction of our prize winning water feature/wildlife garden and is illustrated throughout with some 100 of my own photographs.

'A Walk on the Wildside' - let me take you on a photographic tour of the UK by way of some of my favourite Wildlife and Landscape images from as far afield as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northumberland and North Yorkshire, the Dales, Cornwall & Dorset, the Brecon Beacons and the Pembrokeshire and East Anglian coasts.

'How (and how not!) to be a Wildlife Photographer' - covering such topics as ethics, the law, equipment and fieldcraft & techniques relevant to Wildlife Photography today. NB. This talk will mainly be of interest to camera clubs and photography groups.

All the talks last about 55 - 75 minutes and I am happy to add a Q & A session at the end.

I will travel to venues throughout East Anglia and I am happy to step in at short notice if one of your booked speakers has to cancel at the last minute – subject to being available of course.

My all-inclusive fee for talks is negotiable and depends on a number of factors such as the audience size, distance to travel, etc. and no deposit or advance payment is required. Payment on the day may be by cash or by cheque.

I would also expect to bring along a small selection of mounted prints and photocard/notelets to have available for sale.

My talks are in the form of PowerPoint presentations and I can provide all my own presentation equipment including laptop computer, digital projector, stand, screen, etc.

Please get in touch via my Contact page or by 'phone on 07966 465775 to discuss bookings, fees, etc.



    • SOCS (Swavesey & Over Conservation Society) -
      "We want to thank you so much for your presentation on Wednesday - as I think I said at the time it was one of the best (if not the best) we've had in the eight years I've been involved. Your photographs, humorous talk and everything were absolutely superb" - SOCS Talks Organiser.

    • Sutton Conservation Society -
      "Thank you Jeff for a wonderful presentation to the Society on 17th February. Your talk was not only very informative, but also amusing, extremely well presented and accompanied by the most amazing photographs. One of the best speakers we have had, and from the comments received from members of the Society we really would be very pleased to see you again, hopefully early next year?" Regards, Sally, Sutton Conservation Society.

      followed by my 'world tour' of Lancashire (my home county) -

    • Hornby Countryside Society -
      "Wow ! We saw kingfishers as we have never seen them for ourselves. Jeff is a naturalist first, with a lifetime interest in kingfishers, but a particular photographic interest over the last seven years. Qualified with all the appropriate licences, and very careful to avoid disturbance to the nesting birds, he has brought all the skill and patience of a professional wildlife photographer to obtain stunning photographs. We learnt to distinguish male from female by the underside of the bill. We saw the postures adopted during courtship, the offer of fish by the male and coy acceptance of the female, and the mating pair. We saw an intruding male and the fight with resident male. All this was delivered in a beautifully constructed talk, with clear delivery and excellent humour". David Newton, Hornby Countryside Society

    • Preston Society (Birdwatching & Natural History) -
      "Jeff, Thank you for your talk last night at The Preston Society. I do not patronise, but you seem to have got it just right, with a good mix of information and humour. Good luck". Jim Dickinson

    • Fylde Bird Club -
      "Jeff, Thanks for coming to talk at Fylde Bird Club last night, a fantastic talk with images to match. Would thoroughly recommend this Kingfishers talk to anyone, you will not be dissapointed ! Thanks again Jeff, I hope you will come and talk to us again soon". Paul Slade

    • Stort Valley Local RSPB Group -
      "I attended the Stort Valley RSPB meeting where you gave a talk on kingfishers. I would like to say how much I enjoyed the evening and thank you for giving such an informative talk. I also found the taxidermy kingfisher fascinating. Thank you once again", Pat Parkes

    • Hertford Association of National Trust Members -
      "......Jeff is one of the best speakers we have ever had......"

    • Harlow Photographic Society -
      "Just a note to thank you in my capacity as Programme Secretary for Harlow Photographic Society for the excellent talk "Kingfishers - up close and personal" that you gave us a week or so ago...... there was very good feedback on your talk from our club members..... you set a very high standard for the start of the season that other visiting speakers will have to work hard to equal or exceed!.......... Once again, thank you for a most entertaining, informative and technically brilliant evening..... I am hoping to book one of your other presentations for our next season", Mike Steward

    • Kedington Garden Society -
      "I am writing on behalf of the members of Kedington Garden Society to thank you for not only stepping into the breach at short notice but also for your most wonderful illustrated talk on Kingfishers. It's been a while since members hung around for so long after a meeting which I think shows the interest they felt. If you have no objections I will pass on your details to our local U3A", Marion Senior

    • West Suffolk Association of National Trust Members -
      "What a wonderful and fascinating talk you gave us yesterday. We were all spellbound at seeing such marvellous photography. And your commentary! It was just like having David Attenborough with us! Hope to see you again next year", Monica Renouf

    • Huntingdonshire Fauna & Flora Society -
      "Thank you Jeff for a really enjoyable talk on Kingfishers which you gave to the Huntingdonshire Fauna and Flora Society last Thursday. The absolutely brilliant photography combined with your in depth knowledge of the birds, your clear speaking and humour made for a fantastic evening for us all. We were humbled by your deep appreciation of the kingfishers you photographed and your passion for wildlife as a whole. We will definitely be inviting you back to talk to us again. Thank you". Kirsty Drew

    • Welwyn & Hatfield National Trust Association -
      "Jeff has just given his kingfisher talk to Welwyn Hatfield National Trust Association and he kept us spellbound with his story of these fascinating birds which was backed up with the most stunning photos". Paul Langston, Chairman

    • Ely Wildlife Trust Group -
      "Jeff, many thanks again for the excellent talk on Kingfishers. The images were absolutely stunning and allowed us to view these wonderful birds and their behaviour in perfect detail. However, it was the addition of the accompanying commentary which made the talk such a complete success - extremely informative, entertaining and delivered with great enthusiasm and humour. We had a record attendance on the night, including many new faces, and they will not have been disappointed", Will Burdett, Ely Local Group of the Wildlife Trust

    • Ely & District U3A Birdwatching Group -
      "Dear Jeff, Many thanks for a superb talk yesterday. The structure of the talk - using the development of the garden to lead in to the wildlife pictures - worked very well. The pictures themselves were superb and the commentary was lively and entertaining. You have great skill and patience. Altogether a lovely evening - keep in touch". David Latham, Ely U3A Birdwatching Group

    • Newton Village Gardening Club -
      "The best presentation we have ever had". John Hobbart, Chairman.
      "Dear Jeff, Thank you for a wonderful talk yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, even the Chairman said that he thought that it was the most interesting talk that I had ever arranged! I am sure it gave a lot of inspiration of ways of attracting wildlife into their garden". Shirley de-Groome, Secretary & Speaker Organiser.

    • Mepal Gardening Club -
      "Hi Jeff, I would just like to say thank you on behalf of those present last night, for a very interesting talk. The photos were brilliant, so lovely and defined. Thanks again." Kathy (Mepal Gardening Club)

    • Kedington Garden Society -
      "Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for making a return visit to Kedington Garden Society yesterday evening. After your talk some friends/visitors thanked me for letting them know who the speaker would be for the evening as they had thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. They echoed the thoughts of all those there last night. Once again a very entertaining and informative session accompanied by stunning photos. Many of us are members of Haverhill U3A so I know are looking forward to seeing you again as I know you are booked in as a speaker after many recommendations! Once again thank you. With best wishes, Marion (Secretary)"

    • Friends of Holt Island Nature Reserve -
      Hi Jeff, See below - You were a big hit at our AGM. Thank you again. Ian (Chairman) - ...Many thanks for arranging the wonderful talk on kingfishers and also for the AGM. Both were very enjoyable"

    • Bourn Tuesday Morning Coffee Club -
      "The best talk we've ever had...."

    • Hertford Accociation of National Trust Members -
      "I am writing on behalf of our Committee to thank you most sincerely for your illustrated talk last week. It was a fascinating insight into the animal and bird life in your garden and the photography was superb. Everybody at the meeting agrees it was a super talk...and we all look forward to seeing you again sometime in the not too distant future. Tony James, Speaker Secretary"

    • Lakenheath Fen RSPB Reserve -
      "Jeff, really enjoyed the talk today at Lakenheath RSPB. Imagine the excitement to go out on the reserve and see a kingfisher hovering just as you had described, Cath" and -
      "Hi Jeff, Thank you - my cards have arrived - lovely. I was at your talk at Lakenheath on Sunday - much enjoyed - but had no money with me to indulge myself buying your cards! Will certainly try to make any other talk/exhibition you do around here. Regards, Angela"

    • Mid Herts Local Group of Herts & Middx Wildlife Trust -
      "We have been running our wildlife group for 20 years with numerous speakers, many of a very high standard. So against that background you will appreciate the significance of the comments from our committee and loyal supporters - "that was the best and most professional presentation we have ever had!" and I have to agree! Many Thanks Jeff for a fantastic evening - you are an inspiration to all naturalists. We want you back next year please! David Laming, Chairman, Mid Herts Local Group Herts and Middx Wildlife Trust"

    • Huntingdonshire Local RSPB Group -
      "Jeff, what a splendid evening we had last night. Your photos were stunning and to do a whole evening on one species is quite a feat!
      So, please accept my very sincere thanks on behalf of the group for sharing with us your passion for 'Kingfishers - up close and personal'.
      We are sure to see you again! Regards, Ray (Speaker Organiser)"

    • Bury St Edmunds Ladies Luncheon Club -
      "I've been coming here for years and that was probably the best talk we've ever had" - a member

    • Royston Wildlife Group -
      "Hi Jeff, Many thanks once again for presenting your talk to our group on Tuesday evening. All of the feedback is that it was very well received - many members were very envious of the high quality of your photography.
      Best wishes, Don"

    • Haverhill Local Group of Suffolk Wildlife Trust - in response to my talk on Kingfishers -
      "...probably the most professionally presented talk we've ever had and the continuity of the story throughout was just brilliant..." - a member

    • Fulbourn Gardening Society -
      "Jeff - Thank you once again for your exceptional presentation to our Society's meeting yesterday evening. Your amazing photographs delivered with fluent and entertaining descriptions absolutely 'wowed' us all. We look forward to inviting you for another talk soon. James Caesar: Secretary, Fulbourn Gardening Society".

    • Balsham Horticultural Society -
      "I first saw your 'Through the Year in a Nature Photographer's Garden' talk about 18 months ago and it was just as good second time around - you're definitely one of the top ten speakers on the circuit..." and "..the best talk we've had here - not just because of the superb content and photographs but also because you're delivery was excellent with just the right amount of humour..." - Members of Balsham Horticultural Society

    • Sutton Conservation Society -
      "The best talk we've ever had"...."beautiful images, beautifully delivered" and "although I'm very deaf I could hear every word - thank you for not mumbling" - some comments from members in response to my new talk 'A Walk on the Wildside'



      NB. - Non-members of these organisations wishing to attend any of these events should contact me beforehand please to check that places will be available